Oh, hey y'all

Hi. My name is Kirsten and I've been putting off this introduction for far too long.

What can I say?

Ateaelle started out as a simple idea; a love for Atlanta. 

Then I put that simple idea on a shirt and like traffic on 85 it just kept growing and growing and growing...

That's thanks to you. 

All of you who spread the word, spent your money and met me to exchange a too lil' shirt.

It is because of you that I keep going. It is because of you that my love for Atlanta grows 

It is because of you that I can now, comfortably and with great pride, introduce myself as (erects posture and adjusts collar) Kirsten Daniel the founder of Ateaelle. 

I'd like to show my appreciation by relaunching this raggedy website, releasing new merchandise and creating content that is engaging and transparent. I figure, you've been with me this long, why not stick around for the rest of the journey? 

*cues Youngbloodz 85*